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Horses are one of God’s most paradoxical creatures. Throughout history, they have impressed us with their courage, pulling chariots into the chaos of battle and carrying riders into cavalry confrontations. More recently, they have assisted police officers in crowd control, carried competitors over jumps that are high and wide, and fearlessly served cowboys in their management of cattle. And yet, the same animal can shy at a plastic grocery bag and become unglued (no pun intended) at the sight of a terrier a fraction its size. One moment, this noble creature will be standing proudly, with head held high, nostrils flaring, and mane blowing like a banner, only to flop down on his back, legs flailing in the air, madly rolling, scratching, and snorting.  Leaping to his feet, he will shudder and shake from nose to tail, snort a time or two more, then walk away with grace and aplomb.


While horses aren’t always considered the smartest in the yard (see my wife’s theory on animals with big bodies, small brains), they are full of mischief and can pull off improbable feats like breaking into feed rooms and potato chip bags. “Beware,” a seasoned riding instructor once warned me, “they are always up to something.”

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